Thursday, July 16, 2009

February 2008 Ski Trip

On Sunday February 10th, 2008, 22 sleepy teenage girls and 5 boys from Cabrillo HS JV Soccer team boarded a bus with coach Teresa Gomez and chaperone’s P.G. Herman, Xio Beach, Chris Gomez and Enzo Casara. These long beach youth had never seen the snow but on this day, through generosity of Scott Rhinehart, who donated $2,000 of the $2,500 trip budget, they had their eyes opened to a whole new world they barely knew existed.

The trip to Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood was rapid, the kids all slept. Upon arrival the kids all geared up with a tremendous amount of winter clothing all provided by Steve Gerhardt of Long Beach Development Services Department. Steve graciously e-mailed fellow staff members requesting clothing to be borrowed by the girls. Many of the girls did not even have coats or gloves. After a lengthy administrative process the anticipatory young women and men were off to meet their instructors.

They adapted very quickly and by the end of the day many were going down the hill with relative ease. The resort was packed as the weather was glorious. There was live hip hop music and a lot of characters just having a good time.

The long day was worth it, even the inevitable snow ball fight at days end. Returning at 9:00 p.m. the girls and boys were all extremely grateful displaying this with hugs and smiles. Every participant had gotten a free lesson from an expert ski instructor, lift tickets, snowboard and boot rentals and an eye opening new experience.

The Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation was proud to lead this unique trip. Thank you to Teresa Gomez and former LBNF board members Colleen McDonald and P.G. Herman for bringing this worthy cause to our attention and making this trip a reality as well as to the many donors from the Wrigley Association who chipped in. Without all this support the trip would not have happened. Everyone had a great time as you can tell from the picture of the group above.

Scott Reinhardt said about the trip

“It was much great pleasure to be able to contribute to Teresa and the soccer team. The wonderful folks in Wrigley have and continue to be very supportive of me as a Realtor. I feel it is important to give back to the community and this gave me the opportunity. A way of saying "thank you" to my friends and neighbors in Wrigley.

Though I live in Mission Viejo now, I did live in Wrigley and enjoy its uniqueness, diversity, charm and sense of neighborhood. The Wrigley Association has played a key role in promoting and expanding upon the charm and joy of the neighborhood. Thank you for that. Continued success!”